Our approach

Our entire business is based on a collaborative approach from marketing to delivery of client services. We work collaboratively with our clients to co- create whatever it is they really want. The premise of our coaching is that you as the client are the expert on you. The coach is the expert in bringing the expert out in you.  Depending on the needs and scope of an individual, partnership, team or project we will access our network of personal/professional development colleagues and bring in who we believe will offer the expertise required.

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Our business model

... is based on what we call intuitive or heart based leadership  and smart relationships

Inspired Leadership is when the focus goes beyond behavior and skills and the ability to think logically
( IQ)  to address the whole person so that we strive to encourage change & develop potential from the inside out ( EQ).  Truly inspiring leadership is directly related to our capacity to align with matters of the heart and to access and listen to our intuition. Intuitive leaders are emotionally intelligent people.  In everything we do, we support our clients to align with their intuition and stretch their emotional intelligence. This is what we do best.
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Smart Relationship  Simply put, we think emotional intelligence (EQ) is smart. The most successful, fulfilling and enriched relationships all have one thing in common- they are emotionally intelligent.  Scientific and anecdotal evidence suggests that EQ is the key to individuals, personal partnerships and organizational teams navigating their effectiveness and success.  Emotional Intelligence is the mastery of a number of skills including - Self Awareness- Self Management- Empathy/Compassion- Social Skills- Assertivenes.  We specialize in educating  and training clients on how to make their  relationships “smart” and in so doing,  wildly successful AND happy.
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Our coaching strategy:

Inspired momentum is the guiding equation behind all our strategies for  success

At the heart of the model is you – the motivated individual/professional/ entrepreneur, who wants to accelerate their success and deepen their sense of fulfillment.  To achieve this, we combine 3 elements:

Know How + Shift in  Awareness/ Alignment + Action = inspired momentum

Know How= Develop competency in self awareness, Intuitive leadership & smart relationship skills

Shift in Awareness = Shifts away from false self ; alignment with real self . Our false self throws out all sorts of doubts and fear, limiting/negative beliefs and bad habits. We must better manage these by learning how to turn their volume down.  On the contrary, if we align with our real self, we begin to tap intomore inspired influences that translate positive qualities & values, feelings and outlook & contribute to our peace of mind & success.

Action= we take action from this more inspired place of awareness. We set goals, engage in activities and take steps to move forward

Inspired Momentum= The more we build on our know how, shift our awareness & take action, the more momentum  we inspire toward our personal definition of success.

One-On-One Coaching

We offer highly specialized one on one coaching with a warm and pragmatic approach, to individuals and professionals to help them enhance their leadership skills, align with their intuition, overcome challenges, enrich their relationships, reduce their stress, improve their communication and create more balance.

We engage coaching services which include value clarification; setting priorities, establishing goals, identifying resources, brainstorming, creating action plans, leading guided & creative visualization, deepening self awareness & learning, and discovering meaningful ways of being through empowering questions, challenges and requests. The purpose of our coaching relationship is to extract the feelings, ideas, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours which are in alignment with the client’s highest values. Throughout the coaching relationship we will engage in focused and at times personally powerful conversations.

In a nutshell, I am an experienced coach with  a deep sense of commitment , passion and empathy for my clients. You can count on me to do whatever it takes to support you to realize your goals. It makes a difference to me.  I find our ideal clients are also motivated and committed to maximizing their personal & professional potential, creating a life they love and making an imprint on how they give back to the world.

Group Facilitation and Workshops

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We offer several personal/professional development workshops for small groups:

  • Get Real, Go  Deep and Get Fulfilled- For those of you who want to connect more, feel better about you & discover your purpose & passions.
  • Inspired Momentum- For those of you who are somewhat stuck in an area of life/work and want to seriously gear up & move to the next level.
  • Get over Self Sabotage and Move on – For those of you who want to figure out what is holding you back and kiss it goodbye for good.
  • Inspire your Relationships- Love your Life- For those of you looking to learn all sorts of priceless smart relationship tips & tools to reenergize great relationships or repair not so great ones at home /or at work.

We are also available for all kinds of quarter, half and full day strategy sessions for private individuals, partnerships and organizational groups in which we engage our insight and expertise on human nature and our knack for identifying core issues to create effective solutions. We can provide team coaching upon request.

Smart Relationships

We offer relationship coaching and expertise one on one to individuals & professionals as well as to people in partnership from business to marital.   We educate and coach our clients to create what we call “smart relationships” — ones that are founded in the principles of emotional intelligence. It is not an overstatement that your success, fulfillment and peace of mind is based on the quality of your relationship with yourself and others at home, work and in your community. The ability to create and sustain successful & happy relationships requires knowledge and competency in many smart relationship skills including:

  • Crystal Clear Self Awareness
  • Strategic Self Management
  • Brilliant Communication
  • Appreciative Language
  • Intuitive Listening
  • Emotional Connectedness
  • Trust & Forgiveness
  • Firm & Friendly Assertiveness
  • Commitment & Personal Accountability

Coaching to Inspire Self Awareness

This is where you reconnect with the heart of who you really are and learn how to bring this authentic leader with you everywhere you go so that you lead with more ease in every area of personal and professional life.  I call this connecting to your “real” self.  Most of us know who that person is or have had glimmers of him/her, some of us need support to reconnect with this part of ourselves and others are on a path to uncover the real self for the first time. Regardless of what stage you are at, we will equip you to learn how to tap into your intuition and lead from it more often, to bolster your esteem and confidence, get clear on what you value and create more of it; discover your strengths and the things that make you truly unique and learn how to exercise them more often. When you are happy and feeling successful on the inside, your life and relationships will reflect that on the outside.

Coaching to Inspire Self Management

This is about identifying and overcoming how you are getting in your own way by allowing limiting beliefs, bad habits, self doubt & disdain for mistakes to monopolize your thinking.  When this type of self imposed hardship is present, what we call your ”false self “ is running the show. We teach you how to get your more inspired real self back in the driver seat.

(Note- a lot of people’s automatic reaction to this work is to  want to run and hide. I am here to coax you out from under the covers as this is THE key to freeing yourself up and making lasting, real changes.   My coaching business has been built on our strengths in this area- and believe it or not my clients  find the process interesting and often even  entertaining.) Besides as Carl Jung said “ The gold is in the dark” – if we don’t look at it, we can’t see it and move on to brighter things!

Coaching to Inspire Enriched Relationships

This is about assessing the quality of your current relationships, identifying the state of your relationship skills and creating a customized smart relationship  plan designed to guide you with unwavering support over your relationship hurdles and provide you with  all the relationship tools necessary to enrich all  of your  connections including the relationship of your dreams.

Inspired Leadership

KayakThe vision for this page is to provide you with our philosophy behind the concept of inspired leadership and how it drives our coaching strategy. The idea is pretty simple — when we lead our lives, businesses & relationships from our intuition, our hearts, our leadership is inspired and we/those around us will reap the rewards.

You might wonder about the photo of a boy kayaking of all things with both his legs casted from thigh to ankle. (There’s actually a 4 foot bar between his ankles making him a human triangle for over a year.) That is our son Lowell and he is at the top of my list of inspirational people. He never once allowed a debilitating condition stop him from experimenting with new things and enjoying his life. He vigilantly maintained a positive “I can do anything” attitude and was open to seeing and doing things differently and with more creativity. He stayed connected to his real intuitive self.