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The Women with Heart community evolved from Founder Brita McLaughlin’s network of big hearted and talented women friends and associates. It is now 100+ members strong and is designed to inspire women to take action and change other women's lives along with their own. Why do we do it? Because it inspires leadership, higher purpose and passion, its fun and it feels good to help others and of course we feel better when we connect with other women. Today we even have scientific proof that women connecting with women improves our physical and emotional health!! (For more on the scientific benefits of women in relationship, go). The more appropriate question is, why wouldn’t we do it?!

The vision for this community has been a lifetime in the making and it represents the heart of who I am. From a young age I was inspired by my parents who devoted much of their lives to public service. I too have dedicated myself to community service in both my professional and personal life including years of volunteer community work in Vancouver, Whistler and South Surrey. For 8 years I led the fund raising at my children’s school. In a professional capacity I was Executive Director of the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation and of course, I am proud to be the founder of Women with Heart.

Women with Heart started with humble beginnings a decade ago. While sitting around the kitchen table I decided to galvanize the support of a good friend, my two children and husband to create a gift hamper for a family whose home had burned down. It was such a great experience I decided to expand my circle and invite more women to participate. Why women? I have learned how much we as women all have in common: we have big hearts with a huge capacity to give; we go through times when our belief in self is tested; we often struggle to give to ourselves and we do better when we lean on one another. It just made sense to me - inspire women to take action to give to other women and we empower ourselves along the way. And don’t get me wrong- we enlist the support of some brilliant men all along the way! Over the years this has evolved into a full blown volunteer Give Back operation.

Nearly 200 donors participated in our 2009 Give Back campaign including men, women, children, companies and individuals all of whom gave their hearts, money, time or talents or a combination thereof. Via the South Fraser Women’s Services Society “Voices for Change” & the greater community, we supported 13 families in need ( primarily single mothers with children) with gifts, dream wishes and food. We stocked their emergency food program with over 3 months of supplies.

Hear what one of our key contributors has to say
about Women with Heart ...

“Women with Heart is a great example of momentum. Brita got it started and everyone picked up the ball and helped her every step of the way and it just gained momentum. It shows it only takes one person and one moment to change a person's life. Sometimes people just have to be asked! Can I help? Would you like help? Let me help. I am always amazed at how generous people are when asked. Many of us fall into complacency but when we have a specific goal, it’s so much easier. Bring carrots. Wrap gifts. Buy for this person. Bring food. Donate money. There were challenges along the way- organizational, labour, space, confirmations, purses, promotion, delivery, thankyou’s and through it all we were good to each other, we helped each other, we commiserated, we had fun, we connected. It takes guts to be able to ask for help and it takes guts at times to step up and offer it. The interesting thing is, people feel so good when you ask and even better when they actually get to do something nice for someone else. Brita through your business and the Women with Heart, you are helping to make the world a nicer, kinder place, one person at a time. Thanks for being you.”

—Janet Ellis

If you have big heart and are interested in joining our Women with Heart community to have some fun and be inspired to give back, please email us at info@britamclaughlincoaching.com and we’ll be sure to include you in our circle and keep you informed about our plans.

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The circles of women around us
Weave invisible nets of love
That carry us when we are weak
And sing with us when we are strong


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