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including entrepreneurs & professionals, individuals, personal or professional partnerships & groups. We build great relationships with these people who we call our clients. We genuinely like our clients, and the relationships we have with them are an ongoing source of joy and inspiration to us. Across are some of the businesses these people own and the places where these people have worked over the years.

Scroll below to find a listing of testimonials and see what our clients have to say about working with us. You’ll also find out about the incredible accomplishments and inspiring changes our clients have created in their lives, professions, organizations and relationships. Once you’ve read their stories, don’t be surprised if you feel inspired to applaud them.

What clients are saying about our coaching services ...

“Brita stands out in my mind as a highly skilled coach who genuinely wants to a make a difference in other people’s lives. From a place of compassion and sometimes fierce courage, she inspires the same out of her clients, calling forth the best part of themselves in service of them having the life of their dreams ...

Brita’s laser eye can highlight her client’s best selves, as well as identify & separate the client from their sabotaging selves. As a result of coaching with Brita, I have made hugely positive shifts in my relationships with my mother and children. I have overcome a legacy of bullying. I have much more intimate & trusting friendships with women. I now operate from a place of self confidence and esteem. The accomplishment I am most proud of is a professional one, with my successful accreditation as a Professional Co-Active Life Coach. I plan to use my training to support me in my passion to put an end to bullying. I would not be where I am today without Brita’s guidance and love. Coaching is a commitment and I am now reaping the rewards.”

—Sue Vangaans, Professional Co Active Life Coach

“Brita has a brilliant style of coaching- she offers a high degree of intuitiveness & directedness & has a knack for keeping me very focused on what I say I want ...

Through coaching with Brita I am personally more authentic and in the moment. I have more peace of mind and confidence. Professionally I moved from allowing the success of my work to control me to being in charge of it and enjoying the fruits of my financial success. I now work remotely — I take time off. I enjoy my work now. I work to live versus living to work. In terms of my relationship — I am a better partner, a better listener, more flexible, more present, more appreciative, more confident & more easy going- My girl friend loves it!”

—Brian Terada, Leasing and finance manager, DCH leasing

“I am grateful for connecting with Brita and the coaching process this last year as it has been hugely transforming.

At times I had to be steadfast with the work and with encouragement from Brita I have carried through - the sense of professional capability and growing snippets of personal serenity have made my commitment to my coaching process so worthwhile. I really have such a greater belief in self, I feel more capable- like I can do anything. We have created a foundation for a real sense of abundance.

I came to Brita for leadership coaching as a support tool in my new role as Associate Executive Director for the Non Profit Organization I work for. As a result of coaching with Brita, I have gained a great deal of self awareness, built on my esteem and have picked up practical self management skills and effective relationship tools. I value myself and my capacity in my roles both at work and at home much more. I am becoming more aware of and living more congruently with my own values. I tap into and listen to my intuition more regularly, which is transformative as I never would have thought of myself before this as an intuitive person. I have more realistic expectations for myself and live by a more reasonable standard of excellence versus perfection. I am in the process of learning how to identify and step away from sabotaging patterns. I have defined my own authentic brand of collaborative leadership and am really bringing that forth and stepping up to a greater leadership role with great results at work. I find the more I bring the genuine me, the more confidence I bring everywhere. As a Director, I am becoming more emotionally present to those I work with at all levels- I ask more questions, am more curious and talk less- I am a better listener. I am becoming more disciplined in setting and focusing on my priorities at work and at home and am learning to delegate more and as a result, I feel more balanced between the two.”

—Leslee M, Associate Executive Director, Non Profit Organization

“I would highly recommend Brita as a coach. As a result of coaching with Brita, I am redefining and embracing both success and fulfillment on a deeper level. Brita brings a great combination of her directness and her commitment to the coaching process, along with a big bubble of love ...

to create a safe place which allows me to go where I have trouble going. She has inspired me to go deeper within myself than I ever thought possible and I now bring all of who I am- everywhere I go without apology. I lead with my heart and honor my values daily. As a result of the work I continue to do with Brita, I have gained a clarity of what I really want & I have found the courage now to honor my true self, my values. Because my inner foundation is so much stronger, I find my external circumstances are not rocking my boat so much- I am more grounded and have a sense of peace. As a result of coaching with Brita I have created what I have always wanted in my personal life –a healthy and fulfilling relationship with my significant other. I am living my definition of marriage. My significant other and I have done relationship coaching with Brita with great results. Before coaching with Brita I was in a toxic relationship with a dream to be a home owner and mother. Today I am in a healthy, fulfilling & committed relationship. We now own and live in our dream home and I am thrilled to say I am pregnant with our first child. I would highly recommend Brita as a coach.”

—Teresia LaRoque, Canada’s First Master Certified Coach

“I came to Brita for coaching support and mentorship through my certification process at the Coaches Training Institute. I received excellent value and accomplished several important goals as a result of coaching with Brita, the first and foremost of which was my successful certification as a Certified Co- Active Life Coach with The Coaches Training Institute ...

Through coaching with Brita I also learned how to bring myself more authentically and how to use my intuition to my advantage. I am more self aware and accountable to myself and my priorities. I am now more comfortable just being me. Coaching with Brita allowed me to see what I was giving up by not being the real me and I also gained the tools to be more present and to connect with people better, and as a result I have created more intimacy and emotional connection in all my relationships both personal and professional. I have also learned self management skills that have and will carry me through many tricky situations. As a coach Brita modeled what I want to be. She is open and reflective, authentic and curious. She is very very emotionally present and she walks her talk in her own life. I would recommend Brita as a coach without a doubt- She was completely committed to my success on a very personal level. Coaching is not about the job for Brita.”

—Bonnie Davis, Senior manager- Executive Talent Management- SunMicrosystems; CPCC

“I would absolutely recommend Brita because I believe Brita truly wants me to succeed; she sincerely wants to help me, and that is her gift. Brita is a highly skilled coach who supported me to see my potential and open up to it. I am now not only a believer in my own potential- I am living up to it! ...

Brita has a hugely positive outlook- no matter the depths of hell I am in- she always takes the glass half full- she always keeps me on track and focused. Brita’s approach is fun but she also keeps it professional. She has the ability when needed to offer tough love & insight to get me where I need to go- she sort of reminds me of a female Dr. Phil except cuter, more soft and genuine.

Brita is an old soul with a no holds barred kind of approach. She is very open and I get to be me with her. As a result of coaching with Brita I enjoy my own company so much more - I have transitioned my alone time from “lonely” to “therapeutic”- how cool. I consciously listen to, honour & respect myself now. I enjoy & participate more in my life by getting out with friends & my sisters more often and actually delving into my creative hobbies- I even manage my money better!

Before coaching, my relationship with my boyfriend was stagnant for years. I experienced 4 years of confusion and inaction in the relationship in terms of commitment and in only 5 months of coaching with Brita I see action, the relationship is evolving- we are more comfortable, caring, respectful & nurturing toward each other.

You cannot live your greatest life alone- you need to know when you need other’s people’s wisdom and support. As a result of coaching I know I am not alone. I don’t take life so seriously, I can laugh at myself. I learned how to have faith in myself and trying situations- I now am hopeful that when a part breaks down, I will get it back together. I know how it will work holistically. The greatest gift of coaching with Brita was meeting my true self and getting to finally hang out with her.”

—Danica English, Interior Decorator

“I would absolutely recommend Brita as a coach because she is amazing and she gets results ...

Through coaching with Brita I have transformed my relationship with myself, my life and my career. I went from a part time meaningless job to studying and working in the professional field of my dreams. I am happier on all levels. I have a much more open & honest connection with my kids. I felt stuck for years and now I come from possibility and I feel in love with life!”

—Teri-Lyn Higgs, Holistic Health Practioner

“Brita is the person who can get out of me what I can’t get out of myself ...

She sees the potential in me. For the first time in my life I believe I can have everything I want – it’s all at my fingertips. My financial situation was already great- now my relationship with my son is better, my relationship with my Dad has improved and I respect and I honor myself more.”

—Michael Noc, Entrepreneur, MTM Wealth

“I would recommend Brita for sure. Brita is knowledgeable, intelligent and easy to talk to. She is incredibly intuitive and bang on most of the time. I look forward to our calls and when I get off our calls I feel pumped about who I am becoming. I feel empowered to be me, to get out there and do it! ...

As a coach Brita brings honesty & directness. Brita is comfortable and easy to talk to, she has a way with people and I feel comfortable talking to her about anything. She has an ability to ask great questions to find out what I need and a knack for zeroing in on what is really going on for me.

I initially decided to get coaching support from Brita as I was in a dead end job surrounded by people who drained me. Through the coaching process I was able to see the possibilities and I began to own and see my capabilities. I have made significant changes in my life, work, family and relationships. As a result of coaching with Brita I have a much better understanding of myself and all the great things about me. I now have a strong sense of self esteem and worth and I am more clear about who I really am and more motivated to be who I want to be. I show up more confidently in my personal and professional relationships as my focus is more on me and my own beliefs. I am no longer worried about what other people think. I am definitely stepping into loving and accepting myself and I have learned how to assert and stand up for myself in a positive way. When I came to coaching with Brita, conversations with my mother could be strained; today I look forward to them. I have shared some of the esteem building tools I have learned with my children and find I am now inspiring them. By showing up more authentically and appreciating my own and their gifts more, I have created more connection with the boys.

I learned how to give myself permission to be myself and to permit my dreams and that even includes the renovation of our house- I redid the floors & baseboards, knocked out walls and fireplaces and painted. Today my home is more a reflection of me and I love it.

I also ended up landing the job of my dreams in the pharmaceutical industry.”

—Cynthia Simpson

“Brita- your approach and patience is amazing ...

I think your style is what most people hope for when coming to a coach for guidance to find solutions in life. I enjoyed how you painted the picture - allowed me to see myself exactly where I want to be - with a deadline. I enjoyed the process and in one session I received beneficial direction that I will use.
Much appreciated.

—Chrissie Bowker – Publisher- South Delta Leader

Brita has an up-front, progressive style that makes make you dig deep within to process the answers to your struggles. She is highly skilled at keeping you on track as you sort out your issues and get honest with yourself ...

As a result of coaching with Brita, I have become more in the moment when I am spending time with son, I try to be more understanding of what my wife is struggling with and am working on being more attentive to her needs. I am overcoming the fear of rejection that had been preventing me from forming new friendships and acquaintances. I am learning to balance my physical/personal needs with personal/business chores. I can say my confidence is higher because I have a better understanding & acceptance of where I fit and who I am. I am a little better at prioritizing what to get done and knowing when to just “be done”. I have found a serendipitous career change opportunity that is more in line with work that I find fulfilling- it's an opportunity that doesn't come along often, given the type of work I do and all. Brita recognized (the technical talents) in me and called me “the Techno-wizard”, so I attribute this opportunity to the thinking shifts Brita helped me make. As a result of coaching with Brita, I get up and do my best every day. I have more peace in knowing (my limits) - that I am only one person & can only work so much. I cut myself a break a little more often, and that helps me be more calm, happy and at peace.”


“Being coached by Brita McLaughlin was more like spending time with a miner. I was very skeptical of having a session of this nature over the phone but found it liberating ...

I was able to wander about my home, my familiar surroundings, while she mined for my own personal jewels. And that is how I felt about the session. That, out of the whole, I came away with a nugget of gold. Lots of lesser minerals as well but definitely one pure gold nugget that I have held onto and has impacted my life profoundly. She helped me learn to trust in and share the parts of my personality, talents and skills that I had previously undervalued. Anyone would be lucky to have Brita coach them in whatever game they are playing.”

—Janet Ellis- Instructor/Career Advisor; Surrey School District

“Brita is a highly intuitive coach with a generous heart who regularly demonstrates her commitment to go the extra mile for me. She is personal, very intuitive, has a very warm approach, is generous, puts the extra mile in, gives 110% and is encouraging. Brita also makes herself very available when I need her and you don’t get that anywhere ...

As a coach Brita offers objective expertise which gave me the support and courage to do what is best for me with less fear because her process gives you the tools and accountability to make it happen. I find coaching is an education in life & personal growth and it is also a skill I can share with others. In the first 6 short months of coaching with Brita, I had reclaimed my sense of worth & learned how to tap into my resourceful self and move through self defeating thoughts. My relationships are better everywhere and I am on my way to transitioning to the job of my dreams. I even got a significant raise and that was merely my first step in the coaching process if you can believe that! If you want to do something better or live your life in more fulfilling way, my recommendation is you hire a life coach, as coaching guides you to achieve exactly that- with you leading the way in terms of input. Coaching with Brita has been a priceless investment in me, my life and my relationships.”

—S Ghilarducci

“Brita is one of the most amazing people I have ever met- her talent and intuition make me catch my breath at times. She has an innate ability to connect & read me. Her approach made me feel comfortable, open and trusting to make the changes I want to make. She is supportive and so encouraging. Brita exposed my gifts and helped me bring them to the surface. Everyone needs a “Brita” in their life! ...

Before I started coaching with Brita, I felt happy and satisfied and yet I knew something was missing. I didn’t know who I really was and what I wanted and certainly didn’t accept myself and my gifts. Today through the coaching process I realize how I was just living in such a rote way, going through the motions. I am now so much more in touch with my needs, wants and feelings. I have come to appreciate myself and my gifts more. I have built a strong personal foundation. I am happy with myself and my life now. I have learned how to respond versus react, how to stop myself and silence negative thoughts and reframe bad habits to more resourceful ones. I am making wiser and stronger choices about what I eat and how I exercise. I feel more relaxed about my finances as I have been able to accept I am doing my best with what I have.

The biggest positive changes I have noticed in my life via the coaching process is less stress, more confidence, peace of mind, clarity around my goals, choices and future direction as well as the realization of my purpose and that my impact really does make a difference. My relationships with family are better. I have a deeper understanding of myself, my parents and my children and a much more mature and easy relationship with my ex-husband. I step out differently in relationship– I am more true to who I am. I am more confident and I stand up for and express my beliefs and needs. I also know what I want and deserve in a primary relationship and I won’t settle. I am setting boundaries in relationships that have drained me so that I am able to go on with my life and be less negatively influenced. I recognize my physical environment needs to change and have the confidence now to come up with a creative alternative to make that happen. Coaching with Brita is a collaborative process. If you choose to take the opportunity that is offered you and you do the work, your coaching will support you to open doors and new avenues that will enhance your life. Brita has the gift of sensing who you are, she could read me very quickly, what I was thinking or feeling that I couldn’t put into words. Brita coached me through those tough times by asking the best questions that helped me get clarity to reach my goals. I would definitely recommend Brita as a coach.”

—Deborah McQuen

“I see coaching as a great avenue for those who don’t feel broken and want to get in touch with who they really are and what they really want ...

As a coach I found Brita to be compassionate, focused and persistent - in a good way. Brita is caring and easy to talk to. As a result of coaching with Brita, I have greater self awareness, a real sense of confidence and a better, more solid sense of myself. I am less frantic and more grounded. My approach in relationships is more gentle which is who I really am. I now possess some self management skills- I better handle on how I really want to be, I know how to embrace all of who I am and I cope better with what I need to cope with. I have learned how to identify the limiting thoughts/behaviors getting in my way and am in the process of accepting they are there and learning how to manage them. I have gained a lot of self acceptance and resourcefulness through the process with Brita. I have learned that having some downsides or weaknesses is ok and I don’t need to get rid of this part of my personality- I just need to fine- tune it sometimes. In fact I learned I can even appreciate these parts of myself and use them to my advantage in some areas of my life.”

—Cari Sharrock

“As a result of coaching with Brita, I have uncovered the ways I was sabotaging myself and know how to manage over that now. I have much greater self awareness and self management skills and can distinguish between the voice of my higher self and that of the sabotaging self or gremlin. I have released personal blocks that were stopping me from creating what I want in my life. I would definitely recommend Brita as a coach.

The greatest gift I received as a result of coaching with Brita is self love- I got myself back. I am getting to know the real me, I am discovering what I really want, what is what is important to me and I am learning how to assert myself and ask for what I need so that I create more of what I want in my life. I am more trusting and loving of myself. I am more open to the possibilities of my life. I allow myself to be frivolous and have more fun. I ask for what I need more often. I am more personally responsible and am doing what I need to do to get what I want. I am able to see my negative impact on people around me from a more understanding place and hence have been able to make my impact a more positive one in all of relationships. Brita’s style is very loving & caring and she holds me accountable to myself. She is very open to hearing what I say so I feel very listened to. She is very good at supporting me to say what I have trouble expressing and in doing that I get much greater self awareness. I always get the sense that Brita is sharing the experience with me.”

—Petra Barker

“Brita is a skilled coach and knowledgeable educator in leadership and relationship. Brita’s greatest gifts are her ability to listen and her intuition. Brita’s insight enables her to see past what I may have trouble articulating and hits the nail on the head. Brita provided valuable insights that encouraged me to refocus and tools to develop new strategies so that I could overcome stuff I put in my way and get more of what I want. ....

I found the process interactive and enlightening with Brita providing a great combination of learning tools with a loving approach. As a result our coaching, I connected with who I really am. I am more self aware, self accepting and self managed. I have a more peaceful, calm and relaxed approach which makes things easier for me in a busy and complicated life. I have gained confidence, a greater belief in myself and I am easier on myself. I experience less worry, have more self trust and I take more time for me. I am more confident to assert my boundaries and speak my mind in a loving way. I have picked up tools so I know how to create more of what I want in my life. I have created deeper connections in many of my personal relationships and more ease in my professional ones. I am more accepting of others differences, am more supportive and more open to support. I have taken a big step in embracing my passion and talent and am painting away in my spare time to build up supply for my first formal display of my work for friends. I have also led one painting class — it went well — and will be doing another soon. I had an excellent experience coaching with Brita and would not hesitate to recommend her.”

—D Jamieson

“Brita is a caring and loving woman and her approach to coaching shows it. She is a woman of strength and great insight. I find her coaching to be direct and loving. I would absolutely recommend Brita as a coach. Coaching with Brita has kept me on track towards what I am saying I want ...

I believe in the coaching process because most of us have some area(s) in our life that we wish were different and we are not clear how to move forward to get what we want. This could be in making a career change, relationship with our children, and relationship with our partner, building our own self esteem and so on. I believe that having a coach walk through this journey with me helps me see what I cannot always see on my own and having the support (fan club) behind me as I move forward is also encouraging.

Through coaching with Brita I am learning to love and accept myself more and I find if I do fall off the track I am getting back on track much more quickly. Situations and circumstances don't take me out nearly as far or as long as they used to before I started the coaching process with Brita. Yay! My relationship with myself, my son and my co-workers has changed for the better. I am generally much more accepting and loving of who I am and where I am at. I like myself again! My relationship with my son has become more fun and light and I have let go of guilt tripping myself when I say no to him. I am more accepting of my co-workers and I am more able to insulate myself from negativity that comes up in my work environment. One of the biggest changes I have made is that I recognize much more quickly when an old negative thought or bad habit has kicked in and can step in to manage successfully through it and I don’t beat myself up for these slips as I am more self accepting. Coaching helps me stay more committed and disciplined in my life. The coaching has been flexible to what is going on in my life at that point, which is helpful because when I am off in one area it seems to affect all areas of my life. Therefore, getting back on track in the area that appears to be affecting me helps me move forward in all areas of my life. I like it that Brita sends me notes after our call because, even though I try to write things down during our call, I sometimes miss something. I also appreciate that I feel free to get clarity around something between our calls and can reach out to Brita if I feel in panic mode. Thank you Brita for being there.”

—Tammy Rempel

What clients have to say about our group facilitation ...

“I was recently a participant in an 8 week coaching workshop called Inspire yourself-Inspire your Life facilitated by Brita. I have an autistic son and was overwhelmed with the responsibilities, trials and tribulations that this entailed for me and my family

I had tried every kind of professional support before I found Brita & this workshop, including all sorts of therapy. Nothing worked. Being coached by Brita changed my life in so many positive ways I can not count. I finally live with acceptance and precious peace of mind. I have a balanced life style and my son is doing brilliantly. Thank you Brita”

—R. Black, mother; Residential Appraiser

“Brita was an intern facilitator of the group coaching training tele-class I participated in through the Relationship Coaching Institute. Thank you Brita for your masterful coaching of our group ...

- I found your feedback insightful and your empathic support really helpful as we worked our way through our learning process. You helped clarify ideas, and your warmth shined through on the telephone! Best to you, Leah.”

—Leah Kramer, LMFT; Life Coach & Certified Mediator

“I came to Brita and the Inspired MOMentum Workshop as a self employed professional wanting to take my business to the next level, and I certainly achieved my goal ...

As a result of group coaching with Brita, I am definitely more confident, focused, organized, dedicated & motivated professionally. I am attracting more clients & have a more open relationship with existing clients. My clients feel like they are more of a priority- when I am with them I am 100% focused on them versus being distracted by other things. I am managing my time better which has freed me up to devote energy to more creative projects and to developing the systems and programs I want. My business is more streamlined and as a result, I am way more productive professionally and do in a day now what I used to in week. It has also enabled me to better maximize sales opportunities. Personally I am more light, calm and at ease with making the right decision and going with it. I have a greater sense of clarity, confidence & comfort with who I am and what is important to me. I am more open and communicative in all my relationships. I have achieved a level of work/life balance and despite my business opportunities increasing, I have even more time with my family I think because I have learned how to be 100% emotionally present in both areas and how to fully commit my energy to each while my attention is there - I have improved my work ethic. This ability to effectively manage and balance the two is a complete turn around for me. A personal bonus is the self awareness and self management skills I picked up, as well as the deepening of my relationship with my husband and daughter. I am an even more devoted mother.

As a workshop facilitator and coach, Brita has a lot of strength and determination. She is a straight talker and also easy to talk to. I found Brita to be nonjudgmental- she has way of putting people at ease and making them feel safe and feel comfortable to open up and move through whatever’s stopping them to make big changes. Brita led me to a place I could really break out and live a way bigger life! If you are looking to get to the next level in your business, life or relationships, I highly recommend Brita as the coach or facilitator to call”

—Lorraine Holley, Inspired home Design Solutions

“As the coach and facilitator of the Inspired MOMentum workshop, I saw that Brita puts her heart and soul into her work and her sincere belief in me motivated me to believe in myself. Brita is skilled at extracting what the heart of the matter is in an encouraging and accepting way that made me feel open to making changes to get what I wanted. Brita has a phenomenal ability to bring a sense of appreciation and collaboration to conflictual situations and I aspire to be this. She also has a knack for saying the hard things that we hide from and sometimes don’t want to hear in a way that we can hear and accept them ...

Before the workshop, I felt I had to be everything thing to everybody and that created resentment. My goal was to learn to be more self respecting, more responsible and to take care of myself in a loving way. My miracle dream was to wear a bathing suit proudly. I am proud to say I now put more energy into taking care of myself and I wore my sexy black bathing suit proudly at the Great Wolf Lodge subsequent to the workshop. Today I am pleased to say I have carried through with my goal and lost 40 pounds! I am now more comfortable with who I am and what I want to offer. I am more self respecting, self confident and I am better to myself. I have learned how to assert my boundaries in a positive way. I realized where I was allowing negative self talk to get in my own way and how I was projecting myself in a reactive way in relationships. I make an effort to bring myself more calmly and to respond with more grace and my relationships have more ease as a result. An unexpected bonus of the workshop is that I have stepped into more of a leadership role in my life. Before I would have described myself as a worker bee in project situations in which I was given the list and would execute it well. I now take the lead and have been responsible for the success of two major fundraising events through my children’s school. I consider my participation in the Inspired MOMentum workshop as an investment in myself that paid off!

—Saly Ripley

“As a coach and facilitator, you can count on Brita for her straight feedback, compassion and warmth. What I admire most about Brita is her rock solid commitment to my success and her ability to walk her own talk. That’s inspiring ...

Brita is prepared on the subject of successful relationship management and self empowerment & brings out all these things in the participants. Brita comes to each meeting with passion & authenticity and brings fun and lightness even to a difficult or emotional subject. Brita has a big capacity for empathy and she is also open about her own shortfalls and how she gets through them which made me realize we are all the same- and it also gave me permission to be more honest with myself about what is stopping me so I could move through it. I felt comfortable to make the changes and move through some obstacles without fear.

My goal as a participant of the Inspired MOMentum Workshop was two- fold: to learn to give my time and energy only to positive thoughts and things and, to create a more meaningful life outside the home. I also wanted to embrace what I am passionate about and live it daily.

The greatest benefit I received from participating in the workshop was becoming more aware of and learning how to reframe limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Today I have a better outlook on life. I bring more fun and am way more positive. I more confident, calm & light — and it didn’t just have a positive impact on me — I think the changes I made for myself reflected back to me in all my relationships — which are generally more calm & open now. I know I also bring more compassion & understanding in my relationships and I definitely have more intimate connections with friends and family.”

—Denise Wooton

“If you have the chance to be in participate in one of Brita’s workshops — take it! ...

I was a participant in the Inspired MOMentum personal development workshop for women put on by Brita McLaughlin Coaching. As a result of the workshop, I gained much greater self confidence and learned to appreciate my positives and how to use my experience to my advantage. My goal was to become a personal and professional mentor to instill self esteem and confidence in young women. As a result of the workshop I became a facilitator in a weekly seminar format for a wonderful nonprofit organization that supports women to be successful in their relationships. I am also pleased to say I am now a contributor on the writing team that develops the content. ”

—Sue Vangaans, Professional Co Active Coach