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Whether you are a business professional, entrepreneur or stay-at-home parent, your time is precious. We offer an ongoing series of convenient weekly teleclasses and WEBinars packed with dynamic strategies and practical tools designed to create transformational change and more success in your professional or personal life quickly and easily.

All you need to do is pick up the phone or dial in from your computer in the comfort of your office or home and you will be connected with a group of motivated professionals and individuals wanting to learn how to lead with more ease, enrich their relationships or gear up their momentum more quickly for greater success & more fulfillment. It really is that easy.


Our live teleclasses are active & educational workshops facilitated over the phone for your convenience. Why over the phone? For several years my primary form of facilitation was in person in smaller groups; now with all this new info technology, people are able to access the materials more easily with a longer period of time for support. If you are wondering whether you will have the same connection as an in-person experience- the answer is heck yes- you’ll be amazed by the connection we develop on every single call!

Get Going—Get Inspired! Our teleclass series offered April – June 2010

We are currently accepting registrations for our teleclass series, Get Going—Get Inspired. Each class is designed using proven learning methods to get to the heart of who you are, increase your ability to take inspired action and create more of what you want at work, at home and in your relationships.

 To register for the class of your choice or the entire series  go to  info@britamclaughlincoaching.com and in the meantime,

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Sign up Weekly or by Series. $10 per class or
$99 for 3 month series.

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Get Going—Get Inspired 2010:
Maximize your Potential

  1. Access your own inner wisdom. Your personal GPS to transformational leadership and a more inspired life
  2. If you can imagine it - you can have it! Tap into the science of happiness & success by creating a compelling vision of your dream
    life, work or relationship
  3. Translate your goals into sustained success in 2010! Take away our proven Triple P strategy to achieve and sustain goals that position you for greater & more meaningful success
  4. Snuff out your inner critic. The single greatest obstacle to your personal & professional success
  5. Attract MORE of what you want. Learn how to use your emotions to activate the principles of the Law of Attraction in your life or work
  6. Manage change more effectively & gracefully. Move from self doubt to courage and possibility
  7. Unlock the power of your subconscious mind. The key to translating your intentions into action & positive change
  8. Harness your strengths & support systems to effectively unleash your potential. Learn how to ask for resources to accelerate your results
  9. Ta Da! Learn how to free yourself from mistakes and leverage them to your advantage.
  10. Create enriched relationships everywhere!  Take away a priceless tool to instantly improve your relationships at work and at home without having to do anything.
  11. Create more balance in your life and do more of what you enjoy. Receive and implement the fundamental elements of effective planning  
  12. Celebrate! Pick up simple evaluation & appreciation processes to inspire continuous imporovement in yourself and those around you.

The Inspiration you can expect each week:

  • A supportive private environment designed for you to get tangible results from every  class
  • One 90 minute call each week on  Wednesdays  at 5pm-6:30pm Pacific/8pm-9:30pm Eastern (Attend over the phone or by webcast)
  • Weekly inspirational emails including tips and affirmations
  • One Free Ask & Get Inspired Group Coaching Call each month on the 2nd Monday of each month. The tele-series runs from 6pm to 7pm Pacific/9pm-10pm Eastern


WEBinars are another e-learning tool we offer simply to make your life easier. (Please note: this is a real promise as it comes from me – one of the least literate IT people I know.) Just type in the URL address on your computer and voila, you will find yourself immersed in an interactive discussion with an engaging facilitator who will offer you new perspectives and tools and guide you through state-of-the-art strategies designed to develop your leadership and relationship skills to maximize your inner fulfillment and outer success. It really is as easy as pie. (Oh yes, did I mention the best part about our webinars and teleclasses? - They are affordable!)

Uncertainty to Fabulousness! A WEBinar offered March – April 2010

35- 50 participants joined Brita and 5 other national experts along with author and facilitator, Christine Monaghan, for the six week WEBinar series “Uncertainty to Fabulousness “ this spring . Participants agree the series delivered all that it promised and More! Read a few participant testimonials below to find out what they had to say.

Stay tuned for the next Webinar Fall 2010. Each series is designed to move you from a place of uncertainty in an area of your life such as relationship, leadership, self esteem, finances, business development, emotional or physical health to a place of wellness, abundance and certainty by providing you with expert knowledge and proven strategies all in a unique environment of interactive dialogue and dynamic team coaching between the host facilitator and national well-being expert. To find out more ,email info@britamclaughlincoaching.com or Go to www.healthmentorship.com

What participants are saying about Brita’s Webinar Presentation ...

“Brita- as a participant on your ‘Kiss your Doubts Goodbye, Say Hello to the More Inspired You’ Webinar Presentation this evening I thought you were fabulous- very personable and accessible. You came across as well as if you were coaching me in person - I especially liked the exercise that you lead us through at the end. I felt it helped me practice some of what you talked about, excellent.” – Loretta Voth